Real Madrid turned it arounEspanyol puts pressure on Barcelo
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At the Santiago Bernabu, Ancelottis team started 1-0 down, but finished 3-1. On Wednesday, he hosts Liverpool for the Champions League.

A process with a foreseeable end, although not devoid of an initial surprise, ended up being the match that

this Saturday at the Santiago Bernabu in a match corresponding to the 25th round of the Spanish League.

will arrive sharp at next Wednesdays clash against Liverpool in which they will try to certify their pass to the quarterfinals of the Champions League.

History predicted an outcome like the one that finally occurred.

The Catalan cast arrived at the Bernabu with a disastrous record: in the

fiefdom they had achieved their last victory in April 1996, they had not rescued a point since December 2012 and they had not scored a goal since May 2014 (they had gone zero in their last seven visits).

At least that last streak was broken this Saturday when barely eight minutes had been played: Rubn Snchez beat the back of the French Eduardo Camavinga (who once again showed problems in his role as improvised left back) and served a fair pass for Joselu to

It was the strikers 12th goal in this edition of the League (he is only three behind the top scorer in the competition, the Polish Robert Lewandowski) and the seventh in nine games against Real Madrid.

However, and despite not having their goalscorer,

(absent due to an injury to his right ankle), it was not too difficult for the locals to come back against an opponent who, in advantage, withdrew to the winger and entrusted himself to a resistance heroic that lasted only a while.

, with a quality finish, and then his compatriot der Militão, with a header and after a luxury cross from Aurlien Tchouamni, turned the score around before the break.

Beyond some minor shocks caused by a team that is beginning to look at the bottom of the table with concern (it is only two points above the relegation places), Madrid controlled the game, settled it in added time of the supplement with a goal from Marco Asensio (he had entered for the Croatian Luka Modric) and thus he bagged a victory that leaves him, at least for a few hours,

six points behind the leader Barcelona

, ​​which on Sunday will visit Athletic Club Bilbao in San Mams .

After this victory, Ancelottis team will have two very important games in the next eight days.

On Wednesday, he will receive Liverpool at the Bernabu in the rematch of a Champions League round of 16 key

that he has very well underway after his 5-2 victory at Anfield.

And next Sunday they will visit Barcelona at the Camp Nou in a duel in which a good part of their chances of continuing to bid for the League will be played.

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